Noa Lux is small female and mom owned business founded in 2021 and based in Miami, Florida. 

My name is Tissanie and I am the founder of Noa Lux which I named after my daughter Noa Victoria. I started the brand shortly after my daughter was born to create products that felt like a reward for “surviving adult life”.

On the real, adulting is hard! As grown ups we do it all from working, taking care of our families, entrepreneurship, making time for brunch and happy hour and so much more. All the products that we produce and carry are meant to make adulting a little easier and to take a load off #selfcare.

From clean burning candles with crackling wood wicks to relax the mind to silk pillow cases to catch those beautiful 8 hours of slumber, our mission is to provide self-care for intentional adulting.



As of November 1, 2022, we will be donating 5% of sales to children’s charities #noaluxcares